Ok, we’ve all had them. When from the start of it, the day is trashed. If it started with a plan, that plan has either sailed or crashed. Nothing you do is good enough and little attitudes aren’t cooperating. For these days you need a list of core values. These are the things you value […]

I generally begin “school” the first week in September. That gives me some of the summer to toss around ideas, observe where my kids are at ( I often find they make huge cognitive leaps in the summer) and lightly plan.

When I first read the concept of Morning Pages, I was in. Julia Cameron (author of The Artist’s Way) writes in The Sound of Paper-“that Morning Pages are the pivotal tool of a successful creative life”. She goes on to explain that three pages of longhand writing about anything and everything is considered Morning Pages. […]

I first realized my absolute need to ponder over lunch with my two children. We found ourselves outside as usual, the day was sunny and the breeze was -a- blowing. My daughter, 3 at the time, came up to me and with her face in mine asked “Mom why does your face look like that?”. […]

If you are new to the wonderful world of Waldorf….welcome. It is a beautiful world. One of imagination and spoken stories, art and beauty, nature and creating, learning through living and, well you get the idea. But it is also real. Or for me it is anyway. The beginning of a Waldorf journey is often […]

Waldorf to me is summed up in Warm Honey Toast. When I began this blog as an outlet for all of the essays floating around in my head I asked God for a name that would complement its content. I was given “warm honey toast”. This was a reminder of our nightly tradition of having […]

Change clothes! Some days it is all we can do to roll our of bed a speck earlier than our littles and whoosh the days is almost over…p.j’s still on. I find if I am having one of those days I change clothes, even if I am not in what I slept in. Taking a […]

I am not a perfect parent…and that is perfect. Last night I lost it. We buried another duckling. These are ducklings that have been a yr in the making, so its tragic for more than just the unnecessary loss of life. These ducklings will grow to be the start of our Muscovy flock we will […]

What happened today is just one of many examples that I know what we are doing, despite those that don’t understand, is right and working. My oldest struggles with some sensitivities. Let’s just say it, he is not most kids in the slightest. He came home from school today (It’s his first year at school […]

It was a day like any other…frustration mingled with really good moments. Cute grins thrown at me and witty 3yr old phrases…but I was done. I was tired of the roller coaster. I was tired of getting so easily frustrated at the kids. I was tired of loving my life at home while also dreaming […]