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It was a day like any other…frustration mingled with really good moments. Cute grins thrown at me and witty 3yr old phrases…but I was done. I was tired of the roller coaster. I was tired of getting so easily frustrated at the kids. I was tired of loving my life at home while also dreaming it had turned out differently. I didn’t know what to do, so I stopped and closed my eyes asking for guidance. Almost immediately I saw the cause…it was me.

I could see how every encounter that ended in frustration was due to me trying to do two things at once. We were playing in the pool together but really I was trying to clean the fallen leaves out at the same time. We were crafting with scissors and glue but I was also replying to an email. I was cooking but also catching up on a favorite podcast. So naturally in the middle of any of those tasks as my shirt is pulled, or I hear “Mom” repeated 3 times without even giving me a chance to respond I wanted out. I wanted away. I  wanted peace for goodness sake. However, after a little bit of listening I was fully aware it was my lack of being present in the moment with one focus that caused my stress. It was not the children, it was me.

Once the “aha” moment occurred I began seeing this mulit-tasker everywhere. And sure she got things done, but she was also allowing unneeded stress in my life. If instead I allowed for a complete immersion in the task at hand, whether it be playing ponies, finger knitting or working with chalk, stress no longer called to me. I was free. Free to gallop, spin yarn, and blend to my hearts content. A simple paradigm shift in thinking now allowed me the freedom to simply enjoy whatever we were doing for the allotted time. I need not agree to the pressure that I must accomplish this and that simultaneously. It simply wasn’t true.  This could be enjoyed now, and that would be taken care of later.

I realize this may seem too simple or perhaps even impractical for real world application but it has rocked my world. For some reason before this aha moment I felt I had to be doing multiple things at once and I didn’t even realize it. The secret is out, I still get everything done that needs to be done! And I do it without heavy sighs and bleary eyes. So take my advice if you find yourself frustrated in your every day and see if mulit-tasking is the cause. It might just be time for you to enjoy the moment you are in and leave the dishes in the sink.

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