Real life, Real proof

What happened today is just one of many examples that I know what we are doing, despite those that don’t understand, is right and working.

My oldest struggles with some sensitivities. Let’s just say it, he is not most kids in the slightest. He came home from school today (It’s his first year at school in 5yrs you guys) crying. Apparently he was racing another boy at school and lost. When that happened the other child said “loser!”. A word which devastates him. He immediately went to his bed and head under the covers continued to sob. His sisters alerted me to his condition and were already on it. They were comforting him in their easily-tapped -into-nurturing-mom sort-of-way. I wish I had my phone to record the interaction but it will remain a cherished memory. They said “Kuli, its ok if you lose sometimes, maybe next time you will win. Everyone loses, that’s ok. ” Then, my 6yr old began to sing an impromptu song about winning and losing. How it’s ok and about how when we lose it gives our friends a chance to win. Wow! I was shocked and then again not surprised at all. I have seen this type of responding in them for a while now. When we live conscious, real, meaningful, and purposeful lives; aware of every ( ok almost every) word spoken and the potential impact, this is the result. They have learned by living.

I break into spontaneous song a lot. It is a secret medicine almost…no not almost…it is. It heals, it goes where spoken word cannot, it is the very language of the heart. He laid there, his head in their hands and lap smiling through now drying tears. “That’s nice, I like that. ” He responds. Soon all is well, the girls embodied empathy, love and sisterly affection to their big brother. I learned the power of our everyday lives. It is molding, awakening, and unfolding beautiful beings that are learning to think first of others, to give love freely unconcerned if it will be returned, and to laugh. The moment we shared ended in smiles and laughter. I also believe it ended in a heart, each of ours, closer to our Maker and teacher of true love.

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