Artphoria Studio + Garden was born out of the idea that creativity can be a lifestyle. It is the intersection of Art in all its forms and functions with the infinitely interesting world that is outside. I believe the natural world invites us to join with creation in cultivating, caring, and living intentionally in cooperation with the world around us .
The Artphoria Studio + Garden is an environment where children and adults alike can freely explore plant care and making with their hands under the open skies where true inspiration moves as easily through us as the breeze.
We do this with themed studies each month while combining gardening tasks and projects with unique art experiences and play.
A typical class will begin with circle time where we all gather and share show and tell or anything else, followed by a book and/or poem relating to our day. Then we head to the garden to plant or weed or simply check on the things that are growing. Incorporating these sometimes repetitive garden tasks are important for instilling the true ongoing work of gardening in our daily lives. We might move on from there with a small break for free play so real relationships can happen followed by lunch then onto an art project. All art mediums are explored throughout our Spring and Fall year so there is never a dull moment where creativity is concerned. For photos of past classes for a taste of what to expect click on classes/workshops.


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- Elizabeth -

"I had the best time during my photoshoot and the images turned out amazing! I would definitely recommend salt to anyone."

- Jonathon -

"I am completely over the moon about my images from salt - I will definitely be coming back in the future! "

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"Tell me what it is you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

I am a writer, artist, lover, maker, thinker, gardener, and passionate life-liver. I have many many passions and do my best to live honoring those desires while serving my family and friends in love, time and honesty. I have been homeschooling 1 or more of my children for 8yrs and love living life from the home. We garden, cook real food, keep animals and create daily. I fell in love with the Waldorf Philosophy when discovering Biodynamic Farming practices founded by Steiner. I incorporate Charlotte Mason methodology to our life as well. We live by the heart so before we assimilate new ways into our lives it has to jive with our spirits. Formulas just don't work for our family. Through this practice however we have learned to listen, follow, and trust to our inner voice rather than the worlds. I endeavor to live in a way where my children Know Me.

I have been sketching, writing and creating since I could breath it feels like and I can’t imagine life without creativity and making. My prayer is that in me sharing you will be inspired and encouraged on your creative journey of motherhood.

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Here we are free and happy camping in the back of a jeep rental on a  trip to California











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