Garden Design 

This is where we start to put all of those ideas into action. Purchasing plants, installing hardscape and transforming your space into something magical!


Here you can decide how much you would like to be a part of the work. I often find my clients coming to me out of a desire to be more connected with their outdoor space and one great first step is to actually be a part of the installation process. So we will discuss your level of input desired, materials available ( if desiring to use reclaimed or already purchased materials) and get an estimate to you. Your final price will be package + estimate. Your estimate includes things like cost of plants, hardscape, labor, etc.


I’ll put together an initial design package that I feel would best suit your needs. We have options to suit everyones varying budget and desires. Most designs fall into a flat design fee of $500. This includes a slideshow presentation I will present in person including a mood board, plant board, drawings of your space as well as a complete recommended plant list and timeline for the work involved. If you feel you need help installing the design, help along the way or anything in between, we can help! We have a team waiting to get your dream garden up and growing!
Investment: $250 ( If hired this is deducted from your cost! )


First we start with a consultation with the design team (Christian Tucker and myself) to gather your goals for your project, discuss ideas and where we'll lend our expertise. I love to ask lots of questions, give ideas and have fun diving into how this landscape project could further enrich your life. In all honesty this is one of my favorite parts of the process because this is where I get to know you better and begin to see how we can help your vision come to life!
If you know you want help implementing the design, we will schedule the consultation with my partner
Investment: $250 (if hired this is deducted from your cost!)


Our Process

Design Work

Choose Your Package

Break Ground!

More photos and a bit more about my Approach to Landscape Design

Revisions are part of the creative process. Once the initial design is made, we will discuss the plans and can make any necessary changes. Sometimes this will require a new drawing but most often it does not and we can just make notes and adjustments as needed. More than one additional drawing after the initial design will not be covered in the base design fee.

QUESTION 3 // What is your process for revisions?

I really really love the entire design process, especially the first meeting with a client. I get such a thrill listening to what their vision or needs are and challenging myself to meet that need. So we begin with a consultation and then after the design fee and budget are discussed we can move onto design. This can take up to 2 weeks depending on the time of year ( spring and fall get VERY busy ). We will meet again and I will present a slideshow presentation including a mood board, plant board, and drawings of the space. Here we can tweak anything, adding in elements, and make a plan for implementation. We have several options based on budget and timeline to meet the needs of our clients. 

QUESTION 2 // What is your process for garden design?

I am a lover of the natural world and hold immense respect for all living things so this definitely reflects in my garden design. I specialize in edible plants, native plants, wildlife habitats, water wise gardening, school gardens and creating magical outdoor spaces. My previous 5yrs of work teaching and making a creative outdoor space for my Creative Nature School has really primed me for what makes a child come alive in an outdoor space. Think mud kitchens, edible flowers, living play structures. I love whimsy, texture, contrast and the unexpected in a garden. I really love spaces that lend themselves toward a surprise or destination in the garden. I enjoy scents and really love incorporating plants that delight more than just the eye.

QUESTION 1 // How would you describe your style?

Question 4 // What is your fee structure?

We have packages that you can choose from or you are welcome to choose a la carte. Some clients love getting their hands in the dirt and just need help with vision for the space. In that case I recommend the Basic Design Package which will include a drawing of the space, presentation and a plant list as well as a recommended timeline. Some clients don’t have the time for personal projects and prefer it all be taken care of, in that case I recommend the Full Design Package which includes all of the above as well as implementation down to sourcing the materials and hiring our additional contractors as needed.
Others might choose one of the above but need expertise from time to time in which case I recommend hiring me for additional consultation or for specific parts of the project. This is done off an hourly estimate of time needed.

Question 5 // What type of investment will my project require?

This varies by project greatly both from scope and budget. One of the most important things to know before designing in the budget. I usually tell clients they need to think in the range of 3,000-8,000 for most projects. Your outdoor space is absolutely an extension of your home and the costs will reflect that. I’m a big believer in the bones of the garden really being the foundation of the garden and that hardscape is costly both in terms of material expense and labor. That being said we LOVE to work with reclaimed materials and are happy to work with those types of materials to save costs as well as help steward our Earth. From a design perspective you can invest between $90 and $1200 as far as the design part of your project according to your needs and desires!

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