5 Tips for turning Rough days into Not-so-rough days.

  1. Change clothes! Some days it is all we can do to roll our of bed a speck earlier than our littles and whoosh the days is almost over…p.j’s still on. I find if I am having one of those days I change clothes, even if I am not in what I slept in. Taking a couple minutes to find something that makes you feel like you ( insert given name-delete mom). It may be a pretty skirt, a nice bra, or even just a necklace. Something though that ties you to yourself. Not necessarily apart from your children but for you and not them…I know blasphemy right. No really we have an identity outside of what we provide for our children that is down right vital for them and us alike. Our children need to know who we are. That we are individuals just like them. Smear that lipstick on girl!
  2. Make a drink! I super love this one and actually practice it most days. Before I start to get dinner together I make myself a drink. Many times it is just the remaining bits of my tea from the morning I never got around to quietly finishing thrown over some ice and milk. But other times I will make a shake or a icy milk concoction. Something easy and tasty. I have it to sip over while baking, sautéing, etc. It helps!! A treat for myself…by this far I’ve likely made it through breakfast, school, lunch, many diaper changes and a snack or two so treat yo self right!
  3. Incense. This one is great any time of the day. For real some good incense that you love and invokes a particular positive feeling works wonders. My children love it to…it helps them as well. We often start our school day with a candle but as it is a homemade beeswax one is scentless. Having smells that aren’t’ carcinogenic is good for the soul and the body. Incense can change the aura of a room instantly. It inspires creativity and warmth ( think bad attitudes gone). You can also use a diffuser with essential oils.
  4. Dance! Dancing ladies! Yes sometimes when we need to get reframe our day we put on some good dance music and get jiggy with it. Physically moving our body helps to reframe our mindset, this works as well for adults as it does for kiddos. Plus come on, who can’t help but smile when grooving to some good ole’ jazz.
  5. Out the window. Ok some days just stink. The stars aren’t aligned, Dad is out of town, new attitudes learned from the playground bullies are being tried on, mom is sick, whatever is going on some days are just rough. If it is that bad and you find yourself losing it every other minute; throw it out the window. Throw the plans, the list, the chores all out the window. No really, sit down and visualize the list of things you are to accomplish that day and pick them up and swoosh out the window they fly. This is why we stay home with our children. Because life does not fit into a 9-5 as much as our economically driven society would wish it would and on those days we would be wise to just chunk it all and sink into a child-like attitude full of dew drop tea shared with our individual self, our children and of course imaginary friends. Cheers!

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