Last night I took my first pottery class. It’s a medium I have wanted to try since…let’s be real….Ghost. It looked so fascinating to be able to shape clay with gentle thoughtful movements. It looked fun and a little sexy if I’m being honest ( ha ha). While I’ve gotton close to buying my own […]

It felt like a punch in the gut. All the positive momentum hit with the inevitable news and the crash was all the more forceful for it. The day before the 2nd class of our Autumn Sessions, my youngest daughter woke up with a fever. I tracked down a Covid test and wasn’t surprised by […]

Gardening as a lifestyle. What does that even mean? When I began my journey into the soil, I didn’t know I was choosing not just something to do in my free time but I was choosing a way to be. I was choosing a lifestyle. Gardening for me and my family is everyday, it doesn’t […]

Perfectionism. Those of us that suffer from this nagging desire for perfection understand first hand the good, bad and ugly of it. The healthy drive it can give you to persevere when you can justify giving up, the way it makes satisfaction elusive and like a distant dream and the plain frustration of its demand […]

One of the gifts I’ve learned along the way of my homeschooling journey is the gift of no rules. What do I mean by that?  I mean that really if you think about it, most of the pressure and rules we live under while we teach and mentor our children we put on ourselves. Here […]

Each morning we wake to the same white scene as the day before. We are warm and safe in our home unlike so many others this morning. Still a sheet of ice forms new each night over my mind undoing the work of yesterday as the cares and worries grow from the microscopic icy thoughts […]

What to do with all that post Christmas wrapping madness! Ok let’s talk cardboard. Around here it is a thing to be treasured and USED! First of all we love it in the garden. It often goes down first when a new raised bed is made. This helps suppress the weeds and eventually just turns […]

The rhythms of motherhood have an ebb and flow that often crossover each other and influence the other. What we learn in one season will often help us with a different problem entirely years later. I’ve noticed that with this relatively new season of my 2yr old stirring before everyone else in order to wake […]

Oh my goodness! I have been trying to incorporate more healthy fat into my diet for a good year now ever since my nursing son kept casually stealing all of mine in between naps. That’s when I really got into cacoa butter. I found it absolutely delicious in my shakes as it gave them such […]

I had a realization this morning. We live in a rental house and have for the past 5 years. This was never our intention but we wanted this to be the last move and our dream property was either non-existent, not wanting to be sold, or out of our budget. So we wait. That being […]